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The Clergy is our version of a classic fly. Tons of Flash, not a few strands, good sink rate, quality hooks, epoxy heads, lots of colors. An all purpose saltwater fly. Bass love'em too. Casts well due to the extra flash catching air to help hold the fly up. 

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Rojo Grande was born in the coastal marshes & river deltas of South Louisiana. Rods fished in this areas commonly work dual duty. While bass fishing this geography it's not unusual to hook a 10lb Redfish. The presence of salinity eats away at rods made from lesser materials meant for freshwater fishing only. Although we produce rods to withstand the salt environment, these rods are at home freshwater fishing too. Our actions are classic, dependable, performers that are sure to please you anywhere you like to fish.

Rojo Grande rods are manufactured with premiun rod building materials throughout the production process by master rods craftsmen with 100% graphite blanks, solid cork grips and saltwater grade reel seats. The custom line guides incorporated folded-in guide inserts to strengthen & stabilize the entire guide assembly, and all wrappings are epoxy coated for maximun durability. Rojo Grande Guide Series rods are designed to take on the rigors of daily use. We regulary pressure test our equipment in both fresh and saltwater.

You'll experience excellent sensitivity from the exposed blank in the casting reel seat and overall rod design. Rojo Grande rods have a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.

The Gentleman Angler LLC